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This is an amazing autobiography, a story about a lovely, powerful &

robust Jamaican born lady, Ivett Jackson. In addition to being a

successful author, Ivett is also an inventor, model and actress as well.

When you read her book, you will wonder exactly how she has made it to

this point in life. You will wonder exactly how she has survived. You

will want to be as strong as her and model your life after her as she

manages to keep her strength while life repeatedly tried to drain her.

Accidents and near death experiences have repeatedly tried to claim her

life but God has had his hand on Ivett throughout her life. He has

protected and guided her through it all. Yes, she has written a  this is a book of faith

and it will activate your faith in the process.

Once you pick up “The Journey”, you will not be able to put it down. At

times you won’t believe so many incredible things can happen to just

one individual. If you feel like life has not been fair to you, you

will especially be inspired by Ivett’s message.


Dr. C

Welcome to People Profile Ivett, could you please share a little bit about yourself?


Ivett Mc Lean Jackson

My name is Ivett Jackson I was born in Jamaica. I migrated to the USA at age 20.

I went to nursing school and start working at the hospital. I did 37 years of nursing, then I decided to change and go into writing my first book. The reason I wrote my is because. I had a memory flash, while I was watching the news  about 49 years ago. They were talking about a young girl that was molested by a family member.

At that point and time, I said to my husband. I was molested , he asked by whom, he went on to say, you’re too feisty to allowed that to happen. I Said my stepfather raped me .

And for some reason, I forgot about it. I found deep well in the recesses of my mind and hid it. But it did not leave me alone. I kept remembering more and more.

And in my memory came a cousin. So I called my cousin and asked her if my stepfather had rape me and i became pregnant. She said yes. Apparently my stepfather call my cousin. She gave me some concoction to drink and said that because I don’t see monthly, I must have “catch” a cold so I needed a washout.

I drank it. But I didn’t  have a CLUE what’s going on because I had just come from counrty. My stepfather came In my room and tried one nnight but I didn’t know what that stuff sticking on my leg was. I kicked and scream and he left me alone. But, he came back another time , this time, he covered my mouth and he succeeded. An abortion was profound and I didn’t even know what was happening to me during the process. That is the reason I wrote my first book “The Journey”.

I went on to write my second book… ” The Journey A Warrior’s Resilient Spirit ” which ended up being an award winning award-Lessons of Life 101 ” and was also nominated for best cutting-edge film in San Diego California.

I was also married for 37 years. I met my husband at the hospital. We dated and within 2 years we were married. My martiage was an abusive one.

He was a cheater and a liar. He abused me mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and soon he got physical.

After so many years I finally got the strength to take myself out of that situation.

I got the confidence to move on with my life.

I retired from nursing and persue acting, modeling.



Wow wow Wow!

I must admit Ivett, that I am inspire by your determination. Your life depicts real struggle by females all over the world. I understand also that you have had a bout with cancer is that correct?



Ivett Mc Lean Jackson


I had gone through cancer. I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

It was a great struggle. I did 6 hours of mastectomy reconstructive surgery.

I am completely healed now over 11 years. God was on my side because the Doctor had given me 3 months to live. But I REFUSE to allowed the enemy to bring sickness on me.  Am i supposed to buckle under him and … what? DIE… I don’t think so. I served a true and living God and I have every confidence that Jesus is my great Physician and Healer.

I stand on the word of god with my Faith, and my faith has made me whole Glory be to God. I’m in excellent health. Better than before I was attacked

Dr. C, you must remember one thing. ” What happened to you does not defined  you. It is not your fault.

Dr. Maya Angelou said that”. I can be changed by what happens to me but I refused to be reduced by it.

God had already defined YOU. Plan your plan, work your plans and MAKE it happen.


Dr. C

Who is your role model, and why?


Ivett Mc Lean Jackson

Dr Maya Angelou and Oprah Winfrey because they were also molested and that did not stop them from being successful.


Dr. C

It has been said that you are the splitting image of Dionne Warrick, what would you say about that?


Ivett Mc Lean Jackson

It has been said that I am the splitting image of Cicely Tyson

The younger better looking version of course! Lol. I was in LA on Avenue of the Stars.

This man came up jumping and skipping, shock my hand saying Ms.Tyson I watched all your movies, you’re such a great actor. He did not gave me a chance to tell him I’m not Cicely Tyson. Lolololol….

And yes, quite a few people also said I look like Dionne Warwick.


Dr. C

Very nice, what things do you not like to do?


Ivett Mc Lean Jackson

I cannot think of anything that I don’t like to do.

Let’s see… Mmmm. Well, If this is appropriate.

I don’t like negativity, gossip.


Dr. C

Absolutely! I agree….

What do you do for fun Ivett?


Ivett Mc Lean Jackson

I love to go dancing, go to the Gym, ride my bike. I also walk a lot.

Gardening, vegetable, everything I planted in my garden


Dr. C

That’s a very healthy lifestyle…. Do you like animals, do you keep pets?


Ivett Mc Lean Jackson

I don’t have a pet at home with me. I’m too busy to keep one. It would be a dog, maybe I get one soon. Lololl. But I like animals. Chicken I like also,

maybe I’ll start raising chickens too with gardening.

My focus is on people, I love people. I’m a people person, Is there any Godly man of character, integrity, morals, out there that is looking a fantastic godley wife???


Dr. C

I like your sense of humor Ivett..Lol. If you could change one thing about your looks what would it be?


Ivett Mc Lean Jackson

Nothing! …

Lololll I don’t see anything that I would change about my looks.


Dr. C

If someone is interested in reading your book where could they find a copy?


Ivett Mc Lean Jackson

My book “The Journey” a Warrior’s Resilient Spirit is an Award Winning Film.

It is available everywhere books are sold by. Please pick up your copy at:

Jamaica in Kingston at: Novelty Traders, Bookland New Kingston.


New kingston Pharmacy in new Kingston shopping center. Bryans books.

Mandeville at: Bookland.

Montego Bay at Fairview Mall, Fontana Pharmacy, Bryans books.


Anyone can contact me for a signed copy of my book


Dr. C

Ivett, People profile would like to thank you for your time and effort in highlighting your story. Thanks for your support to our community, walk good.


Ivett Mc Lean Jackson

Blessings one love. Thanks so very much Dr. C.

I appreciate it so much. It was my pleasure.  It was fun.

Hoping that someone will be inspired and be empowered amen.



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