About Us

Our Philosophy: People Profile is an exercise interviewing ordinary people to find their extraordinary, mission-enhancing stories. These stories represent a powerful way to communicate and motivate others. It can come from not only reasoned argument, but argument bolstered by compelling, 1st-person testimony that advances one’s struggles and interest. People telling their own stories can move mountains, and all kinds of people, large or small, can benefit from harnessing the power of true experience stories, such as that provided by People Profile. We intend to bring people’s true, personal experience stories to the world so that we can educate and enrich the lives of those we serve.


Dr. Allan Cunningham (Founder)

Is an associate Professor/Lecturer and solid practitioner in the field of International Business. For more than 20 years, he has built a solid reputation of achieving exceptional results as an International Trade Consultant. His experience in driving products and processes in business started several years ago in the early seventies in Rose Town Jamaica. Selling Kisko Pops, peanut, and King Kong in the vicinity of Darling and Barry Street in downtown Kingston paved the way for his entrepreneurial and leadership skills. His commitment to his alma mater, Camperdown High school, was instrumental in his contribution to the Florida chapter. Serving as reunion committee member, vice president, and president between 2002 to 2014.With a passion for people and education, he has lectured extensively at the under graduate and Graduate levels at several South Florida Universities. Dr. Cunningham is an adviser to student government and also serves on the board of the Coalition of Alumni Association in South Florida. Currently, he is a full time Lecturer in the department of Management at Florida Atlantic University FAU.As a well-known academic/business executive in South Florida, he has a strong bond in the community. Assisting in community enrichment and redevelopment efforts and caring for the elderly. His academic achievement includes a Doctorate in International Business, a Masters in Management and a Bachelors in Psychology.


DIANNE M. WATSON (Chief Editor)

Dianne is a daughter of the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, a proud graduate of the esteemed Convent of Mercy Academy “Alpha”.  She grew up in Kingston and considers herself a full blooded Kingstonian with a little uptown/downtown flavor – which is depicted in her alter ego “Ginga Spice”. She holds an Associate of Arts Degree in Computer Applications, a Bachelor Degree in Management Studies and a Master in Business Administration.  Dianne possess over 20 years’ experience in the professional business/IT field, possesses over 10 years of delivering world-class-quality customer service. Possessing strong people and communication skills, Dianne is always eager to volunteer and assist in charity events.  Giving back or paying forward is her way of creating an environment that will take care of the next generations. Being a part of the People Profile family, Dianne is humbled and grateful to serve in the capacity as Editor.  She is constantly in an enraptured state of mind which will extend to all.